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Georgian Dumpling
About These delicious Georgian dumplings known as khinkali are considered to be one of the national dishes of the country. The dumplings are filled with meat and spices, then traditionally twisted into a knot at the top. Regional differences influence the fillings and every part of Georgia has its distinctive variety.
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Delicious khinkali!
About There are several kinds of Khinkali. Typical varieties have stuffing made from cheese, mushrooms, lamb, or potato, but the most common is a meaty stuffing made with pork and beef.
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Georgian Cuisine
About Georgian food is quite appropriately an expression of the culture. Warm, gooey comfort food like khachapuri (cheese-stuffed bread) finds balance with matsoni (yogurt). Herbs like tarragon, flat parsley, dill, and coriander combine with walnuts and garlic for rich fillings and sauces.


Genuine Georgian

Khinkali (Georgian: ხინკალი) is a juicy Georgian dumpling, filled with seasoned minced meat (lamb or beef). Minced onions, red chili pepper, and cumin are always part of the recipe, while herbs (cilantro and parsley) are optional. Khinkali is supposed to be eaten with hands (no utensils). It is picked up by the top of the dumpling (aka kudi or “hat”) and turned upside down. First, you bite a small hole to suck all the meat juices trapped inside.

Our Ingredients.

We use the best and freshest ingredients to make our delicious Khinkali.“No supra is complete without a platter of steaming khinkali being served toward the end of the meal,”

They’re designed to be eaten by hand: Hold each dumpling aloft by its stem (like an open umbrella), sprinkle it with black pepper, and take a small bite from the side of the cushiony top, sucking out the hot broth before chewing your way into the filling.

A silky soft exterior with a juicy interior, But if you are a dumpling lovers we have these Georgian dumplings khinkali.

Choose Your Option.

Our delicious plate of Khinkali with our sauce. We invite you to try our Georgian Lemonade too! They are the best complement to your khinkali meal. Make sure you roll up your sleeves and dig into a delicious plate of Khinkali.

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